What’s an Organic Search and How To Increase Organic Traffic?

Organic search can be time-consuming, but it is a vital part of the marketing strategy to get long-lasting results. But what’s an organic search? Read on to know about organic search and how to improve organic traffic.

What’s an Organic Search?

When you are looking for something through any search engine online, it gives two types of search results, paid and unpaid. Organic or natural search are unpaid results based on the relevance of your query, domain authority, and links. Search engine optimization is all about getting a higher rank in organic results.

Paid or inorganic search, on the other hand, is populated through an auction system. So, an inorganic search is paid advertisement by website owners to improve their appearance on the search for a particular keyword.

You can easily differentiate paid from unpaid results. Usually, inorganic results are to the right or above the organic ones. In some cases, the paid results have borderlines, shaded background, or visual signs.

Organic traffic is an important source for inbound marketers. Once you succeed in attracting organic traffic, it will be a lasting source of traffic. Organic reach gives relevant traffic as you are solving the problem when users are asking for them. The organic search ultimately creates brand awareness

How to Improve Your Organic Traffic?

A higher volume of organic traffic improves lead generation and sales. Here are some tips to improve organic traffic:

  • Create engaging blogs: Blogging is an excellent way to attract ideal customers and increase traffic, thus increasing sales for your services or products. In your blogs, link your online store, and this will cause Google to perceive you as appropriate to your niche, giving a higher ranking in the search result. High-quality blogs attract users and increase their chance of getting converted into consumers.
  • Use Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Using search engine robots aids in channeling your efforts rather than being scattered all over the internet. The choice of keywords plays an important role in SEO. So always select your keywords through keywords search volume. Tip: You just have to maintain a balance between low-competition and high-search words to grow organically.
  • Use SEO optimized image: For a well-optimized website, optimizing images is very important. This is the main reason e-commerce websites retain images provided by the suppliers. Moreover, you should add text with the main keywords to improve your search results.
  • Mark your presence on social media: It is rightly said that your business does not exist unless it is present on social media. For promoting your business, in addition to engaging blogs, backlinks on social media are equally important. Publishing blogs on social media improves google signals and thus improves ranking.
  • Choose your headline carefully: As you know, all the elements on the website should be optimized according to the keywords. This is especially true for the headline and the first paragraph. Ideal content that would engage users has keywords in the first paragraph. The first paragraph should be a brief of what they would find on the page. Subtitles are equally important as it helps consumers to understand what the content is all about. While scanning, if the content is found irrelevant, you are likely to lose your user.

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