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Ottawa Tech Heroes, a one stop solution for all your branding needs. We follow an integrated approach to digital media and produces a process that builds your online presence and brand affinity with target consumers. We guarantee our commitment in providing our highest level of objectivity and professionalism to create cost effective marketing communications.













What we do?

Your brand is what you stand for, an assurance that your customers have about your company.Every brand needs to be nurtured to help it grow and sustain in the competitive environment.That’s what we do “develop your company into a brand”.



Research is the foundation of skillful brand development. OTH deploys traditional and progressive market research methodologies to clearly define your brand.



We help you focus on a human-centric approach by defining your buyer’s tastes, likes, dislikes and behaviors, and developing a human-centered marketing approach to help you connect with the most astute and digitally savvy buyers.

Brand Positioning


Positioning your brand in the minds of your customers is one of the biggest challenges faced by brands. Brand positioning is a process that is focused on how your brand is different from the rest. A unique selling proposition that can etch in the minds of your customers.



Establishing a brand or creating a new one is an exciting milestone in the life of a company. The branding process can be challenging, but it is just the beginning of an evolution to reap the rewards in the future.

What we can Provide?

We have consistently adapted new methodologies to meet the needs of each industry. We believe in staying ahead in innovation, maximize our resources and offer customized solutions to our clients. We provide services in the areas of marketing, advertising, brand strategy, graphic design, website development, and much more.

Core Vision & Values

We take pride in delivering Intelligent Designs and Engaging Experiences for clients all over the World.

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Thoughtful Solutions

Your website is your corporate identity on the internet. We provide end-to-end services in web development, including responsive UI for your brand. It gives you the flexibility and provides excellent user experience to your customers.






Digital Marketing

Door Hangers marketing

Display Marketing


Giving you the edge over, we do an in-depth research of your brand. We believe in laying a strong foundation for you with our robust research team.


A blueprint always helps you to stick to your business plan. That’s what a sketch does for us. As a creative digital marketing agency, we adhere to our promises.


A visible brand is always etches in the minds of the customers. Our strong brand development service is what we vouch for.

A Unique ways of Marketing

Door Hanger Marketing

Simple, Customisable, Tangible – three words that define door hangers. We offer the most effective form of direct marketing that give you leads and help your business grow. If your company deals directly with consumers and is looking to promote itself to specific geographic areas, then we have a solution for you.

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A Unique ways of Marketing

Display Marketing

Visual appeal that catches the eye. Your brand needs some visual attention. We have got over 15 display screens located in the prime locations that will help your brand get noticed and generate leads. Your brand is our commitment. 


Displaying your brand at the right place is what we deal with. Our understanding of your brand requires extensive research and that’s what we assure.


Following the rule of the thumb, we always keep a blueprint handy. That helps us decide where to place, when to place and how to place your brand to the public.


We want your brand to not just be visible there, but get etched in the minds of your potential customers. We promise to build your brand and develop it into a household name.

Let's meet-up

We are a fairly flexible design studio that designs for types of business solutions. Lets talk over a coffee for all your branding needs!

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