The Ultimate Guide to Email Marketing

Email marketing was used for the first time in 1978, generating $13 million in sales. Even till date, it is one of the commonest marketing channels. Email marketing is the most effective and direct way to connect with your lead, engaging them, and converting them into sales.

An effective email marketing helps you in the long run. But wondering what is an effective email marketing strategy? Let’s understand. 

What is Email Marketing

Email marketing is an online marketing strategy for communicating with customers and leads through an email. Common email-based marketing strategies include promotional campaigns, email newsletters, and event announcements. Email marketing has a higher ROI as compared to many other marketing platforms.

Email marketing helps in the following cases:

  • Brand awareness
  • Lead generation
  • Lead nurturing
  • Build relations
  • Content promotion
  • Product marketing

The Ultimate Guide to Email Marketing

  • Curate email strategy: Before trying to collect subscribers or increase your contact list, you should plan your email strategy. Set goals and define what you are planning to achieve through email marketing. While starting email marketing, aim to increase your subscribers. Later you should plan tactics to achieve that number. You should also determine your target audience 
  • Grow your contact list: A list of your engaged subscribers is the focal element of email marketing. Design a sign-up form on your website where users can submit their email address. Your form should inform users what will they get after signing up, which will help them understand the importance of email you will be sharing.
  • Create engaging email content: This is as important as having quality subscribers. There are different types of emails for various purposes, such as follow-up and broadcast emails. Include relevant and engaging content in all your emails. Choose the type of email that suits your needs, but welcome and confirmation emails should be a part of your email marketing strategy. Furthermore, personalize your emails so that users feel you are directly talking to them.
  • Design emails: Visuals are processed 60,000 times faster than plain text. So, even high-quality content wouldn’t work without a beautiful design.  Chose color consistent with your brand. The email should be airy, so avoid cluttering and adding multiple columns to your email.
  • Schedule and share email: Plan date and time for sending out emails. To find out the optimal time for sharing your content, research time spends by ideal users on the platform. You can try different time slots to see what time works. Moreover, try to segment users using specific parameters, such as location and likes.
  • Email automation: You can send follow-up emails by automating them to be shared on preselected times. Email automation can also help for sending autoresponder mail series. 

Once you are ready with your email marketing strategy, its necessary to analyze and improvise them. 

Email marketing has huge long-term benefits and should be a part of any digital marketing strategy. Many users are now preferring email marketing over other social platforms. Give email marketing a try! You are just one email away from your potential consumer.

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