What a Social Media Target Audience Is and How to Find It?

All social media businesses perform differently. Even in businesses belonging to the same niche, some perform really well while others fail. What is the reason for this? In majority cases, defining a target audience and then curating a marketing strategy to target them is the key ingredient for success. Let’s understand more about the target audience and how to define them.

What a Target Audience is?

A social media target audience is a group of individuals characterized by specific demographics and behavior, such as female health enthusiasts between the ages of 22 and 40.  

Target audience is a stepping stone for majority businesses as it helps them to curate marketing strategy, such as how to appeal potential buyers, where and how to spend on ads, and which product to launch next.

Alternatively, the target audience can represent the buyer persona of any business. Buyer personas represent a business’s ideal consumer, which is deduced from the data that makes up a specific target audience.

Some commonly used behavior and demographics are age, location, gender, income, and employment. Basically, this information aids in understanding consumer behavior of how they make any purchase decisions. 

Understanding the behavior and defining the target audience will help you to reach ideal people who will relate to your company’s products the most. 

How to Find Your Target Audience?

Define Your Ideal Customer

You can use analytics to find demographic details of your ideal consumer. Monitor your social media numbers and active campaigns. Now, use these details to find out problems that your service or product can solve.

Certain traits, such as spending patterns and power, can help you understand how buyers spend money online and interact on social platforms.

You may end up getting more than one ideal customer. These may help you to develop new products or services suitable for them.

Survey Your Current Audience

Even though you have statistics available, it is a good idea to communicate with your current consumers. It will help you to point out real consumers and social media platforms they prefer. You can also survey about the type of content they prefer and social media sites they follow and like. It can also be a good idea to inquire about their preferred YouTube channels.

Find Out Social Media Platforms Your Ideal Customer Uses

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube are popular video-sharing and social sites. However, not everyone spends time on these platforms. There are some less visible and smaller social networks, which may be specialized for specific audience groups.

It is impossible to be active in all social media sites known to humanity. So, it is necessary to use social channels for marketing that are commonly used by your target audience.

Here are some researched facts about the target audience and social media channels followed by them:

  • YouTube and Facebook are most commonly used social media platforms
  • Males spend more time on LinkedIn, WhatsApp, YouTube, Twitter, and Reddit
  • Females prefer Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest
  • Instagram, YouTube, and Snapchat are popular with young consumers
  • Older consumers prefer Facebook and YouTube

If you want to expand your business through social media, defining a target audience and creating tailor-made marketing strategies for them is the key ingredient. Follow the steps and see the difference for yourself. Happy Campaigning!!

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