13 Things to Check Before Hitting ‘Send’ on Your Next Marketing Email

Once you successfully grow your mailing list, sending a marketing email to your subscribers can be a nerve-wracking experience. While sending the email, there is a lot to remember, which can break or make your email campaign a great success.
We understand your concern and thus have curated a checklist of the elements that are most likely to go wrong. Keep an eye on these details the next time you send a marketing email. Let’s begin!!

  1. Check All the LinksLook for broken or missing links. It is probably one of the most important things to look for, especially during a lead generation mail. Before hitting send, click on the link and check if the page is loading. For call-to-action links, ensure that everything that’s supposed to be linked is linked.
  2. Social Media Sharing ButtonThe social media sharing button can be easily broken. So, it is important to include them in your hygiene check.
  3. ImagesThe visual look of your email depends on the quality of the images used. Is the display of your image the way you want it? Are they extremely small or large? Did you associate alt text with them?
  4. Grammatical ErrorsGrammar matters in any marketing document, including emails. Proofread each and every line for any minor mistake. It’s a great idea to get it checked from a grammar geek for any slip-ups. Don’t forget to run a spell check as well.
  5. FormattingPerform a sanitary check for wonky format. Constant spacing, the arrangement of bullets, and placement of asterisks are common elements that are commonly responsible for unsteady format. Fix all the issues before forwarding the email
  6. Subject LineIs your subject line able to express the message you are trying to convey through the email? The subject line should give a personalized feel and not as if sent by a robot. Another thing to look for is the length of your subject line. Try and keep your subject line as brief as possible, maximum to 50 characters.
  7. Mobile-Friendly CheckThe majority of the users will view the email on their mobile. So, ensure that your email is mobile-friendly. A single-column format and design between 320 – 550 pixels wide is ideal for the mobile view. Make the call-to-action links large enough to be tappable. The text of the email should be at least a 14-point font.
  8. Spam CheckerRunning your email through a spam checker will help to prevent your email flagging as spam. Replace spammy-sounding phrases or words.
  9. Scan Your Email ListIf you have multiple email segments, it’s easy to select the wrong one. Moreover, have a look at the email list to make sure everyone in your email list will be interested in what you will be sharing. Sending irrelevant emails may cause you to lose your subscribers.
  10. Dynamic TagsDynamic tags help to personalize your emails. Send yourself a test email to check if the dynamic tags are properly placed.
  11. A Clear Call to ActionUsually, one CTA is, in the form of a text line or button, is preferred in a marketing email. Multiple CTA can confuse your users. So, curate a CTA to give your readers a clear instruction.
  12. Image to Text RatioThe ideal text to image ratio is 60:40. Spam filters usually catch content with the abnormal proportion between amount text and number of images.
  13. Scan the Test MailSend the test email to yourself and scan for all the points mentioned above and correct them if required. Ensure the preview text, which is the first 100 words, is compelling.

Avoiding mistakes and improving marketing emails is a quick process. Follow a hygiene check and correct any mistake you stumble on!
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