The difference between traditional marketing and digital marketing


Change is the only constant! This is true even for marketing platforms. In today’s fast-paced world, market trends are constantly changing at a faster rate. There is a drift from traditional marketing to digital marketing. 

The marketers are now utilizing marketing platforms, such as e-commerce websites, emails, and google ads, for brand promotion. So, instead of using traditional marketing, marketers are now leaning on digital marketing to support their advertising needs.

The Key Differences

Target Audience

As traditional marketing involves magazines or billboards, it will reach a huge number of people, but the audience wouldn’t be well-defined. Not everyone coming across the advertisement would be interested in it.

Digital marketing, with multiple advertising techniques, can be targeted to a specific audience. SEO and content marketing are also targeted. So, only those who are searching for that keyword online will come across the advertisement.

Marketing Analysis

Another major difference between traditional and digital marketing is the ease of tracking engagement and measuring results. As you must have guessed, digital marketing can be easily analyzed. 

Business websites, Google Ads, and social media sites have tools for tracking visitors and understand their behaviour. These tools make it easy to measure the effectiveness of a particular campaign. You can also use tools to tweak your advertisement to make it effective in the longer run.

Traditional ads can be very difficult to analyze and understand the customer journey. It is almost impossible to understand whether a user came through a radio ad or after seeing a billboard.


Traditional marketing is ideal at a local level. Although it can be carried out as a global advertising campaign, it would be exorbitant. While with digital marketing you can start marketing just with a few clicks. So, digital marketing can help you with both local and global digital advertising at a much cheaper budget.

Return on Investment

Search engine optimization helps to churn a much better ROI as compared to traditional marketing. Content marketing, social media campaigns, and lead generation can be done at a comparatively low budget as compared to traditional marketing techniques, such as mailers and billboards.

Digital marketing can cost you half the budget of traditional marketing yet provided 3 times better results. Campaigns such as pay-per-click, are viable as well as scalable. So, you can spend only 1$ and still get results.

Consumer Engagement

While traditional marketing considers an in-your-face approach, digital marketing aims to spark the conversation and provides value first.

Digital marketing takes an inbound approach to attract users into a business. This is better than outbound tactics used by traditional marketing tactics, such as cold calling.

However, individuals of various age groups will react differently to marketing strategies. Traditional marketing may be a better choice for the elderly who wouldn’t use technology much. Digital marketing, on the other hand, is an ideal choice for appealing the younger generation.

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