A touch of emotion – marketing ingredient to connect with your target audience.

Making emotional connect with your target audience

Emotional marketing is based on customers’ needs and desires because they are the ones you try to build an emotional connection with. 

Marketing without emotions is like fried fish served without chips or macaroni without cheese. Emotions have an intense impact on our decisions. They create lasting impressions and make us follow the same pattern of action again in the future.

Before you start planning your first emotional marketing campaign, perform some target audience research, and know what type of content they will respond to best. Researching your audience’s interest helps you feel confident and save your precious time.

  • Emotional Advertising

Different researches have been continuously proving that rather than information, people tend to rely on emotions, to make their brand decisions.

Human emotion is known to be categorized on:

Happy: Brands like to be associated with smiling, laughing, positivity, and happy customers as it has been shown to increase sharing and engagement.

Sad: In recent years, brands have recognized the popularity of emotional content hence more and more companies have started focusing on creating moving and inspirational ads.

Fear prompts us to take action by creating urgency; to change or more importantly for this story, buying something will prevent terrible things from happening.

Afraid/surprised: Fear is a natural instinct that helps us to react necessarily to threats to increase our chance of survival.

A lot of scare based advertising tactics may be seen in the commercials to prevent drunk driving and cigarette smoking.

Angry/disgusted: Most people believe that it is best to avoid anger. It is a passive emotion that causes negative associations. But in some cases, anger may wake people up and spur action. We become angry when we see an injustice or any other person hurt. Frustration and disgust may cause us to reconsider our perspective and also ask important questions.

  • Online Customer Engagement

Customer engagement is the process of making and maintaining interaction with customers with the help of a variety of channels and also strengthening your relationship with them. Some mediums for engagement are social media, email, websites, community forums, or many other spaces.

Keeping them happy will spread the word about you. You can even save a lot of money; you would otherwise have to pour into market research for product or service development. Customer feedback helps you uncover flaws in your offering and ways to make it work better.

However, customer retention goes beyond high-quality customer service. Delighting customers and encouraging them to spend more money with your brand isn’t enough. In fact, this might make them feel less meaningful and transactional towards your company.

Instead, you need to improve your customer experience to increase the strength of their loyalty to your brand. It is vital that you value your relationship with them and not only just the money they spend at your business. That’s why you are required to consistently keep engaged with customers to demonstrate your dedication to their needs.

The point here is to offer customers something of value which is beyond your products and services. High-quality products initially help attract customers; relevant content keeps them around. Marketers very often take advantage of this tactic known as customer engagement marketing.

Our business expertise helps businesses to evaluate their brand’s needs along with developing a powerful strategy that always works and maximizes profits.

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