7 best ERP software solutions for your business

Are you being reluctant to consider the Enterprise resource planning(ERP) software solution for your business due to the complication or expensiveness? In that case, let us make it clear—there are several SaaS and cloud-based ERP platforms that are designed to scale the requirement of all size businesses. 

The functionalities are such that lead to simple navigation, great operation, and maintenance.

In this article, we will introduce you with the 12 best ERP software solutions for small businesses available in the market that you can consider.

NetSuite ERP

Being a product from oracle, NetSuite ERP is a modern, cloud-based ERP solution platform designed to scale as your business grows.

This enterprise resource planning software brings you all the tools and modules you need to automate business processes. The automation package includes tools like:

  • Accounting
  • Demand planning
  • Manufacturing operations
  • Billing and invoicing
  • Financial management
  • Revenue management

You get the full visibility of the functional and operational areas across your organization through KPIs, business intelligence, and accurate reporting.


Scoro is the all-in-one online business management platform. It is best suited for people engaged in services, sales, and project management. Some of the key feature of the enterprise resource planning software that inspires better functionality are CRM collaboration, quoting and billing, and advanced reporting and dashboards.

Sage Intacct

Being a part of the Sage’s Business Cloud solutions, Sage Intacct is a small business management and accounting platform. The ERP solution provides enough flexibility along with advanced functionalities that helps you manage company finances, automate complex processes, increase productivity.


ERP solution system that finds its application in manufacturing and distribution businesses of all sizes integrate, control, and synchronization of their operational processes. You can either deploy it on the cloud or on-premise to use the modular features for business process automation.

Oracle ERP Cloud

This enterprise resource planning software offers an online solution. The ERP solution includes built-in industry standards and use modern best practices and to help to streamline the business processes of all size businesses. With this ERP system, you can generate all realistic financial reports across all departments through advanced data analytics and sophisticated reporting.


OnCloud ERP solution finds usage in retail, manufacturing, distribution, and services. The software has the tools that can help you manage customers, sales, purchases, projects, retail stores, production, scheduling, data analysis, and quality control, and data analysis. 

In addition, you can synchronize all the business and financial workflows for complete control over the accounting process.

Atlas ERP

If you want to streamline business functions and optimize business processes, this is another option, which is a web-based business automation solution. Atlas ERP solution is s an ideal for financial accounting tasks, managing projects and providing an overview of the sales, communications, and logistics. 


One of the major thing that could strike your mind is, “why should I even bother with ERP software?”. There are several benefits such as boosting employee productivity, improving operational efficiency, and generating accurate reports. You might go a step ahead to automate the entire business process.

Are you still in a fog regarding the ERP software solution options? Ottawa Tech Heroes are at your service to help you with the essentials. Let’s talk about which type ERP solution is the need of the hour for you.