7 tips for the best logo design ideas for business goals

Over the top, it might sound like a piece of cake, but the reality is just the opposite about logo design ideas. It is just not that you draw a circle and type the company name. The logo is a crucial element of your brand identity.  Not only the logo design but also the design protection is equally important.

Here are a few of the tips to design the best logo:

Use a Visual Double Entendre

Being one of the favorite logo design ideas among designers, it has two pictures wrapped into one, which shows a clever interpretation of the concept.  Logo designs that use this overlapping concept look quite innovative. As such, viewers love the little mind game and are more prone to appreciate the product through the design. More specifically, this holds good for businesses that are selling products to Millenials.

Color is Vitally Important

Most importantly, it isn’t the color palliate, but the choice of color that carry the meanings and communicates ideas. Usually, the colors grab the attention and pull you in-out. Moreover, this is the main contributing factor that brings life to the illustrations and provides context to the shape of the landscape. 

But then, remember that a good logo is versatile and still functions nicely in grayscale as well.

Use Interactive Logo Designs

Another aspect of a great logo design idea is to instill some motion or a sense of activity into the static objects.

For instance, you can consider the Twitter logo. The bird in the logo went from sitting perched and passive to becoming active and taking flight.

Think About Negative Space

The negative space technique is another clever way after the age-old technique of double entendre logo designs, which also includes design protection. The industry standard example of this technique is the FedEx logo and its hidden arrow.

Everybody Loves Custom Type

Usually, we see that logo design is a matter of choosing the font menu to see which typeface makes the company name look best. Custom type ensures that your unique logo stays that way. 

Keep it Simple 

The Apple Logo is a suitable example of this. 

It’s the missing bite that takes it to the next level. The concept connects to a more deep meaning, which relates to computers and bytes. Without the bite, the apple is boring, with it, the apple is suddenly iconic. 

Consider Proportion & Symmetry

While the design is totally dependent on the business goals, but creating a well-balanced logo with the consistent curves and arcs is a great choice for serious businesses. 


Now that you’ve read some of the important tips for the best logo design ideas that work. There might be instances where you just came up with a business idea, but you are not sure where to start with your logo. What kinds of designs are out there? Which colors are most suitable for your brand name? How can you create a logo that’s unique but have design protection?

We are here to help with the logo designs for your business. At the Ottawa Tech Heroes, we extend the logo designing service for business branding. Get in touch with us for specific discussions.