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Website presence and its importance in the current pandemic for any businesses


Web Development

The stay-at-home across Canada has transformed the business into an eerie ghost market. The government’s order to shut down non-essential businesses has left us to learn how to keep the business alive and ongoing. 

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, it is necessary to stay afloat by learning some hard lessons for business. It has become not more than today, more essential to compete in sales with the other business that too, in the DIGITAL WORLD

People have been surviving and kept their lives thriving by getting everything online. May it be groceries, medications, food, advice and counseling, physical and mental therapies, and what not! 

Why are you waiting to show your presence online that may empower you to gain customers, make revenue, keep workers employed, and ultimately keep your business alive? 

Today, an online presence is more than just “nice-to-have” it has become a “need-to-have.”

Here is why it is important for you to have a website presence and what can you do about it:

Why is it important? 

Companies need to strengthen their online presence as procuring goods online has become more than just buying and has evolved to acquire knowledge about the product, brand, and services. This requires you to create a sense of social communication. This requires bringing your business out on the platform of various digital channels like – websites, blogs, and the digital market. With the global market in lockdown, in-store shopping has become deserted but, that does not mean you stop your business, does it?  

How can website development keep your business up and going? 

Update your customers: Getting new clients and customers has definitely become tough and keeping the existing customers in your business has become important. When you are engaged with a web development company, you do not have to worry about getting new clients or losing existing clients. 

To maintain relations with the existing clients, it is necessary you keep them engaged and updated about your product and your business. You would want them to be interested in knowing more about the upcoming updates and schemes but, you also don’t want to spam them and cause communication fatigue

How does a Web Development company do that? 

  • New store plans that customers would want to know: For instance, if you have come up with specific operation hours of the store, you would want to bring that idea out to the customers to let them you are there for them. Coming up with strategic plans like different hours of operations for seniors. But you don’t want to tell your customers everyone at your business is washing their hands—they expect you are doing that.
  • COVID-19 fighting strategy: There has been a fear in the minds of people about the pandemic with increasing cases and death rates. You want to assure them about the safety measures you are taking by giving them insights that are not expecting i.e., how are you taking responsibility for your staff members’ safety by explaining the regular monitoring of body temperatures before starting their shifts, getting your employees and customers fill a quick short google intake form, etc., you want them to trust you and feel safe by keeping them involved in your business. 
  • Current services you’re offering: Tell your customers about the new services you are offering with your product and business: takeout, delivery, virtual services, etc. Don’t wait for customers to come to ask you—you are going to want to tell them before they find an alternative option. 

Interact with your customers: Customers are not going to be visiting your website or your store daily to get updates and, sending emails daily with different updates or new products becomes more than annoying at times because all businesses are following the same tactic. OTH is a website developing company that uses bold and drastic productive strategies

You would observe yourself or your partner take a break and straightaway open Facebook or Instagram for some reels and videos to relax your mind. In the same way, most people have created accounts online on social media platforms to surf and see what is going on around the world with people. And this is where your business needs to be! 

Does this mean you need to create an account on social media platforms? No. you do not have to create an account on TikTok, Instagram, Linked In, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, and every other new app that comes in the market. You need to pick the platforms that are most used by people by getting into analytics and study the most used platform for online shopping. Which app has the highest CTR – Click Through Rate. 

To begin with, it is ideal to spread the word about your business on Facebook, email, and Google Ads. 

Create/Update your website: You NEED to have a website development company to create a website for you that entails you to get a trusted domain where customers will come visit. This pandemic will change the way of running a business completely and we have known these drastic changes since the pandemic began! Digital business is the only business in the market today and having a website has been way too necessary than a physical store and it has never been so important! 

If you already have a website, it is time to update it! Website development is not just a term but, when your website is fresh and updated with new fresh news, Google recognizes this change and enhances your chances of being on top of the google search page.  

Future is Online! 

The pandemic has proven that every business needs to have an online presence. The world has connected digitally-not more than today ever before! Website development helps you stay connected to your customers even if you are not selling your product online. Your website helps people know about your presence. 

Future-proof your business by establishing your business online. It will not only help you get through this pandemic, but it will also persistently improve your way of engagement with your customers—in-person as well as online. 

To develop a brand-new website for your business or update your outdated website today, OTH is the Web development company you need! 

Call us today at 1 855-800-4376 or email us your queries at 

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